Fearless Music Exhibit

Fearless Music

In case you hadn’t heard, Bainbridge Island Historical Museum is now FREE! To make it even better, they have the coolest exhibit showing right now–the Fearless Music Exhibit, exploring nearly 4 decades of the innovative teen music scene of Bainbridge Island. Here’s what they have to say about it:

“(1980 – 2018) During this time, the Island has been a breeding ground for creative, curious and resourceful youth whose music has influenced and also reflects regional and national sounds.

Many people are familiar with Seattle’s iconic grunge music scene pioneered by local bands such as Malfunkshun and March of Crimes. People may not know that many other accomplished bands have emerged from the Island. Diverse in style, they all share an intrepid DIY approach. Multi-talented and hard-working, the teens compose and produce their own music, book and manage concerts on and off the island, design band graphics and write fanzines.

Collectively, these fearless musicians and their fans have established an alternative culture that produces diverse music and provides a productive outlet for many local teens.”

So head over to the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum to learn and experience the talent of our own islanders. Exhibit open 10am-4pm, click HERE for more, including information about an upcoming panel discussion about the exhibit at the Bainbridge Library. Enjoy!

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