September Real Estate Trends for Bainbridge Island

Luxury Home Tour – July 27th noon – 4:30pm

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This is a rare opportunity to view some of the most exceptional homes currently available on Bainbridge Island.

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March Real Estate Trends & News

Resurgence of the Bainbridge Island Luxury Market

High end homes are selling once again and we will eclipse last year sales by the end of the first quarter. With one sale already closed at $2,225,000 and two more $2 million+ homes slated to close soon, it promises to be a busy year for the market. Seven properties price over $1 million have sold in the first two months of 2014 and eight more are scheduled to close soon.

What is fueling the renewed interest may be a combination of perceived value and renewed confidence in our market. Bainbridge had lagged behind Seattle during last year’s market surge but is now poised to join in.

Unprecedented Equilibrium in Our Market

The number of available island homes and the number currently under contract are basically the same. It fluctuates day to day but essentially as of February 1st, there were 58 houses for sale and 53 pending. Sales were active in January for new to market homes with 11 of the 22 new properties already under contract. 18 homes have closed since the first of the year including a 4700 sq. foot view home which sold for $2,225,000. Modest property value appreciation is anticipated through the spring which may motivate more sellers to “test the waters” and offer their homes for sale.

Real Estate News & Trends

The approach of the holidays generally signals a halt to sales and new listings for six weeks. This year has been anything but typical and the finish will likely be off pattern as well. We have buyers still looking for homes and sellers wondering if they should come on the market now or wait. Our advice to buyers is “let’s go look” and to sellers “Well, there are people out there looking, taking time off from the holiday activities, so they are serious buyers. Put your home on the market if it’s ready to go.”

Bainbridge Island November stats were as follows:

Inventory (Dec 1st)   94 homes & 32 condos

November Sales      21 homes &    4 condos

Under Contract        52 homes &  11 condos

Most notable sale of the month was low bank waterfront home on an acre for $1,308,000. (Sold by Buckley & Buckley Real Estate.)

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