The Tyler Moniz Project first annual fundraiser!



The Tyler Moniz Project is hosting its first annual fundraiser this Wednesday, August 3rd at the Pleasant Beach Manor House. Please join us!  You can purchase tickets on our website:    Please click on the “Events” tab for information. We’d love to see you!


How to Make Your Kitchen More Eco-Friendly

These easy changes can make a big difference in your kitchen.

Easy changes. Big results.

Did you know?


The Bainbridge Island Fire Department provides, free of charge reflective address signs.  If placed properly, these signs are visible both day and night and help firefighters find your home.  When seconds count, we can’t help if we can’t find you!   Stop by the new head quarters on Phelps Road during business hours (M-F 8:30-4:30) and pick up your sign and numbers.  If you’re not sure of the best place to locate your sign just ask us to come out and help.

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Tiny Houses!

tiny houses 2We have all heard and seen the latest trend in Real Estate…Tiny Houses!  Well now there is a listing website dedicated to these specific homes all over the US.  Check it out you’ll definitely want one!  They are so cute!

tiny houses