Delicious Dips!


delightful holiday dips

Every great party requires an amazing spread of food, and the spread is certainly incomplete without a delicious dip (or three) to choose from. Whether you’re looking for salty or sweet, vegetarian or meat lovers, there’s a dip out there for everyone.



Cheesy Pretzel and Beer Dip
Pretzels and cheese dip go hand in hand, so why not bake your dippers right into the dip itself? Soft baked pretzels around the outside, cheesy, beer flavored dip in the middle. What’s not to love?

Garden Herb and Cheese Dip

A healthy alternative to some of the heavier cheese dips, this recipe made with fresh veggies, herbs, and feta is full of tangy Mediterranean flavor.

Sweet S’mores Dip

When you can’t gather ‘round the campfire but are still in the mood for everyone’s favorite camping treat, this sweet and creamy s’mores dip is sure to hit the spot—all you need are some graham crackers for dipping.






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