Wanted: Bunny Heroes!!

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Give Thanks and Applesauce This Year!

We are excited to be working with Liza Pascal and the Seattle Basket Brigade to help gather applesauce. The jars will be used as part of Thanksgiving baskets that volunteers donate, assemble and deliver as a surprise to families in need right before Thanksgiving.

We need 300 total, and you can drop them off at our office – Buckley & Buckley Real Estate on Winslow Green – by Friday, November 21st at 3 p.m.

Why not give thanks AND give applesauce this year?

“The Basket Brigade concept was inspired by Anthony Robbins. These Basket Brigades throughout the world feed more than 3-4 million people throughout the world each year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our local Seattle Basket Brigade in 2013 assembled 390 baskets feeding approximately 1600 people in 2013.”

For more information about the Seattle Basket Brigade, visit http://www.seattlebasketbrigade.com/.