Kids food drive!

food drive flyer2lowres

Join us in helping the Kitsap County Association of Realtors (KCAR) collect “kid” friendly snacks and quick lunches.  Please stop by our office anytime during business hours (Monday – Friday 8:30-5pm | Saturday 10-4pm | Sunday 12-3pm) with your donation.

Thank you for your support!

Please, no glass or perishable items.

Here is a list of most needed donations:  

tuna or chicken helper            gummy fruit snacks                    rice a roni

cans of tuna or chicken           cracker sanwiches                      canned ravioli

macaroni and cheese              snack size boxes of raisins         spaghetti / pasta

5.5oz packets pancake mix    boxed real fruit juice                   peanut butter (plastic jars)

boxed cereal                              applesauce cups                          jelly and jam (plastic jars)

cup o’soup                                 cans of chili                                  cookie packs

ramen                                         oatmeal                                         popcorn

pudding cups                            hot cocoa mix packets                instant mashed potatoes

granola bars                              cans of soup                                  dried beans

protein bars                              canned vegtables                         pop tarts