Tiny Houses!

tiny houses 2We have all heard and seen the latest trend in Real Estate…Tiny Houses!  Well now there is a listing website dedicated to these specific homes all over the US.  Check it out you’ll definitely want one!  They are so cute! smallhomelistings.com

tiny houses

A Tiny House to Call Home

Tiny homes are becoming big business these days. Originally started as an eco-friendly pushback against urban sprawl and over-consumption, the tiny home movement is starting to attract a growing number of people who are interested in using them as an addition to their full-sized homes.

In addition to those looking to live a more minimalist life, many people are turning to these diminutive homes — which usually run around 100 square feet or less — for a home office, a quiet retreat or a place to pursue their hobbies freed from the noise and stress of family life.

Maybe you’ve longed for a lake house, but have never been able to afford the cost of a full-sized cottage. A tiny home is more comfortable than camping, and is just big enough to give you a place to sleep while you spend long days at the beach.

So if you’ve always wanted a little getaway to call your own, check out some of these diminutive structures at Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.